FYI: Sandeep teaches only at the Bangalore Center and in the Video Courses. The classes at the Delhi Center are conducted by other faculty members.

If you can't attend our classroom training, don't despair.

You can sit in the comfort of your home and get exactly the same teaching, content, techniques, materials, and guidance that our regular classroom students get.

Watch the testimonial of our video course student from Romania.

Cristian scored a 760/800 on his GMAT and received an admit from Stanford!
Watch how students around the world benefit from the video course
Cristian Popescu from Romania (GMAT 760, Stanford)

Video Course Testimonials
Watch what some of my students have to say:
Rahul Srinivas Score: 750/800
Columbia Admit
Siddharth Bhatia
GMAT 740, Kellogg
Abhilash Joseph
Manish Chauhan
GMAT 750, London Business School
Vikas Jain
GMAT 760
Vijay Vemuri
GMAT 760, Columbia
The video course will be provided to you as an online download containing the following:
Complete video-recordings (over 50 hours) of all the LIVE teaching classes of Sandeep Gupta - the foremost GMAT Trainer in Asia. All the material (online) will be provided by us. You are not supposed to study anything else at all. Complete Material (the most exhaustive content on this planet) includes:
  • Basic Concepts
  • Advanced Concepts
  • Concept Books
  • Classroom Materials
  • Advanced 700-800 level Practice Content
  • All our exclusive-99th percentile techniques (OCTAVE, PRIME, ACT, ACED, LINGO)
In addition to our own content, you will get all the usual content:
  • Latest Official Guide
  • Latest Official Guide Quantitative Review
  • Latest Official Guide Verbal Review
  • Manhattan Books/Guides
  • Other books
You will be given all the material along with a detailed, step-by-step study plan to complete the course. Ask doubts at

Will I surely get a 760+ score?
I can guarantee one thing: even at the level of 760+, you will not find even one unfamiliar question on your test (only if you follow exactly everything we ask you to follow). BUT a student who gets a 780 score also studies from the same video course as the student who gets a 610 score. So the difference is not in the instruction / service quality. The difference is clearly in the effort put in by YOU. My efforts are the same for all the students. Eventually, it is your efforts that will count. Also, the execution during the exam will eventually decide your score. If you can't sleep the night before, go blank and keep staring at the screen, lack concentration / stamina etc. no matter how much you prepare, you can't do well. ​
How is the video course different from the classroom course?
Absolutely no difference. I repeat: absolutely no difference. You are going to get the videos of the sessions that were recorded LIVE with a 100+ audience. So all the common / uncommon doubts that you may have .... have already been answered in the videos. If you are still skeptical, watch the feedback of Cristian again (here). He says that he didn't have to contact us even once for even one doubt.
Is the material covered in the video course enough?
Again, refer to the same feedback from Cristian (here), who says that he didn't need to refer to any other material at all. ​The material is absolutely exhaustive; you won't have to study anything else at all.​

You can pay using your International Credit Card / Indian Credit Card / Indian Debit Card / Net-banking transfer / direct bank transfer (cash / check / DD / NEFT / RTGF / IMPS transfer directly to the bank account). International Debit Cards are not accepted.
Once the payment is confirmed, we will give your own student account. You can instantly access the contents for one year (validity of the course).
Fee (including all taxes):
USD $ 399

INR 25574