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Hi, This is Sandeep Gupta, the foremost GMAT / GRE Trainer in Asia. I am the only Trainer in Asia with perfect scores on both the exams.







For the last 25+ years (since 1996), I have dedicated my life to making the dream of a GMAT / GRE 99th percentile score and of an Ivy League Education come true for thousands of my students (from places like Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and every other top university in the world) for MBA, MS, and PhD programs.

The highest GMAT / GRE scores obtained by our students: 800 (GMAT) / 340 (GRE).

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Cristian Popescu from Romania (GMAT 760, Stanford)
Arijit Chakraborty (GRE Perfect 340/340)



The biggest strength of my teaching is that I am able to transfer my “Success-DNA” to my students – watch them raving about my training in their heartfelt video testimonials here. I repeat: my biggest achievement is not that I have scored the perfect scores on the GMAT/GRE multiple times but that, by using the same techniques that I used (OCTAVE, CLESSSP, PRIME, ACT, ANT, ACED, LINGO, and TRAPS), my students have been able to get similar successes on more than 20,000 occasions.

Watch what Annie and hundreds of other 99th percentilers say about my training. Once you watch this video, you will definitely believe that you can get a ≥760 score with my guidance.

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The DEMO: We will then direct you to the Demo. In the Demo, Sandeep will introduce you to some of the latest questions that have been asked in the last 3 months on the real GMAT and teach you the best approaches to solve them (OCTAVE, PRIME, ACT, ACED and LINGO). He will give you a DEMO on all the 5 Major topics in GMAT (RC, SC, CR, PS and DS). Once you finish the demo, we will call you once more.

In this call, we will try to understand how much time you can spend per day or per week and guide you for your next plan of action. We will suggest the right material for your specific needs. We will also customize the entire GMAT preparation for you.

Thereafter, we will take up all your questions / doubts / queries, address them one by one, and guide you on the next steps.

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