"If your target score is less than 335, don’t even bother to contact us. This is meant for only those students who want a 335+ score, not for everyone."

Sandeep Gupta
340/340, GRE

Highest score by dozens of our students: 339/340. Watch a sample:

Abhinav Sharma

339/340 on the official GRE.
Quant 170, Verbal 169
Admitted to the MBA programs with 100% scholarship at NYU Stern and Michigan Ross.

With Sandeep's GRE course at Top-One-Percent, I went from 290 to 339 in less than 6 weeks. My first mock score was 290. I was terrible at Verbal (both RC and Vocabulary).

– Sandeep's special session Master 1000 Words in 6 Hours was so sensational that I learnt more than 3000 words in less than two weeks.

– Sandeep's OCTAVE Technique for RC took my RC accuracy from 32% to 98% in just 3 weeks.  


Abjinav Sharma

Top-One-Percent GRE Course Highlights

  • Extreme focus on the highest scores: 335-340 only. Everything is designed keeping this target in mind.

  • Faculty with a 340/340 score and 20+ years of teaching experience (GRE, and GMAT). No other institute in the country has even one faculty member who has even written the actual test, let alone get the highest possible score.

  • Exclusive copyrighted techniques :

    • CLESSSP - Clusters, Legends, Etymology, Sentences, Synonyms, Secondary Meanings and Pictures - for Vocabulary
    • OCTAVE - Opinion, Contradiction, Tone, Avoid, Verify and Eliminate - for Reading Comprehension
    • ACT - Assumption Centrality Technique - for Critical Reasoning
    • LINGO and TRAPS - for Quant

  • We strongly believe that for most Indians, GRE Quant is not difficult; but it is this overconfidence with math that makes many people lose out on the perfect 170 score in Quant. You may indeed be good at Quant, but are you sure that you can convert this strength to a 100% correct score (with not even one question wrong)?

  • Our Belief: If Quant is your strength, then even one mistake out of 40 is poor performance.

Special Vocabulary Seminar
1000 Words in 6 Hours.

Sandeep had learnt the entire Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary by the age of 14. He has an active vocabulary of more than 1,50,000 words. He has taught for the GRE for more than 2 decades.
To watch a demo of CLESSSP (recorded in 2004), watch this clip from the 6-hour live Vocabulary Seminar - 1000 Words In 6 Hours


  • L'expérience


    We are the best-in-class—excellence defines us! Be assured of 'absolute-best-training-on-the-planet' here.

  • Une préparation efficace et un vrai suivi


    There is only one objective—to help you improve your score—we always go that extra mile. The same is expected of you—be absolutely committed—do whatever is asked of you.

  • Un Réseau de qualité


    No false hopes—your results are commensurate with your efforts. Our efforts are the same for each student. If you don't put in the efforts, we cannot do anything for you.

  • Un service confidentiel


    One of the biggest differentiators here is the CONTENT—we have handpicked all the latest, most relevant, and absolutely cutting-edge content—the most important ingredient in your success. Make sure you finish all that is asked of you.

  • Une sélection exigente


    You can always rely upon us—"handholding" is our watchword. Every student’s success is our "Driving Force".


Our students have had final admits to the absolute best places – MIT, Stanford, Harvard, NYU, Columbia, CMU, Cornell, Oxford, Cambridge, McGill, NUS S’pore, Georgia-Tech, UCLA, Berkeley, Caltech, Yale and many other universities.




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