The exclusive focus of this course: a 99th percentile (760-800 range) score

The exclusive focus of this course: a 99th percentile (760-800 range) score

Live Online (Zoom Sessions)

Live Online (two-way interactive) sessions in all areas of the GMAT (Verbal, Quant, IR and AWA) by Sandeep Gupta (GMAT Score 800/800) – the foremost GMAT Trainer in Asia. The most comprehensive and truly self-sufficient GMAT Program on the entire planet. Exclusive focus on 99th percentile (760-800 range) scores. All concepts, from the most basic (200 level) to the most advanced (800 level), are covered in extreme detail. But the questions covered in this course are all 'Above-700' level (with a special focus on solving the top-tier percentile questions, the 760-800 range) Pre-work driven course (you will be required to do some pre-work: read some concepts, watch some elementary videos, and / or solve some exercises) before attending each session. This is not a casual "walk-in" course. Extreme amount of sincerity expected from the student. ABSOLUTELY no excuses will be entertained for not finishing the Pre-work. The backbone of this course is PREWORK. Absolutely comprehensive material (the most exhaustive content on this planet) includes:
  • All the five GMAT Books written by Sandeep (“The Most Authoritative Guides on GMAT” Series)
  • 72 hours of Zoom-Live-Online (you can voice your questions / doubts in real-time) – the maximum number of LIVE hours by any institute in the world
  • Every single question taught using Sandeep’s unique, copyrighted techniques: OCTAVE (RC), PRIME (SC), ACT (CR), ACED (DS), LINGO (PS)
  • 25 Sectional Tests in Verbal (the closest simulation to the real thing) with detailed solutions – the maximum by any institute in the world
  • 25 Sectional Tests in Quant (the closest simulation to the real thing) with detailed solutions – the maximum by any institute in the world
  • 25 Mock Tests (the closest simulation to the real thing) with detailed solutions – the maximum by any institute in the world
  • Total Practice ≡ 50 MOCKS
  • More than 10,000 practice questions – the maximum by any institute in the world
  • You are not supposed to refer to anything else at all. Not even one word!
  • Personalization: guidance related to execution, pacing, stamina, concentration, mock performances, and customization of the content based on individual performances
  • IR and AWA fully covered
  • Profile Evaluation + Preliminary guidance related to B-School Admissions
Exclusive feature of this course: personalized, on demand, doubt-clearing sessions. Guaranteed ≥760 score if you do all that is expected of you. For a serious 99th percentile aspirant, there is no better course on the entire planet.

These sessions will be followed by:

  1. After these classes are over, you will need some time to develop finesse with each of the subjects – the final finishing touches needed to go from 660-680 to 760-780!
  2. Needless to say, in addition to developing concepts during the teaching phase, you will need to develop pacing, concentration, stamina, and mental toughness required on the exam day – the biggest differentiators between a 660 score and a 760 score.
  3. More than 5000 practice questions in all areas – to go from 70% raw accuracy to the level of 95-100% finesse
  4. 50 (25 V, 25 Q) Sectional Tests in all areas to get your pacing, stamina, and execution right
  5. 25 Mock Tests
  6. Test-taking strategies for a 99th percentile score
  7. Personalized Mock Analysis / Mock Discussion Sessions
  8. Doubt Clearing Sessions from the practice content
  9. General counseling / Pep-talk sessions
  10. Guidance on exam readiness: when to book the date + last-minute exam tips

Fresh Zoom Online Batches starting every Weekend. Fast-tracking / customizing options also available. Contact us at +91-9739561394 to know the details about the latest batch.



Do you have any idea as to WHAT V51 MEANS?
Well! It means absolutely NO MISTAKE in Verbal ... not even one!
36/36 correct!
Forget V51, GMAC considers even a score of 45 (99th percentile) a rare score in Verbal. Check the link.
V51 is so rare that forget students … no other GMAT trainer in all of ASIA has ever got a score of V51.
But we at Top-One-Percent have had a hattrick of V51 scores (myself and Sarthak Chowdhary included).
So, who's the third person, you may ask?
Another student of Top-One-Percent, Zoravar Singh, recently cracked this MAGICAL score: V51 on October 23rd, 2020. Check his score report and his communication with us in the screenshots below:

Watch what Abhishek Jha has to say about Top-One-Percent GMAT Training
Abhishek Jha (GMAT 760)

Can you go from 0 percent to 99th percentile in Verbal?

And, Zoravar Singh is not alone! So many of my students have been breaking the Verbal 44 score barrier (and, needless to say, the Quant 50 barrier) rather easily.

The latest to join the ranks is: Abhishek Jha (V46, Overall 760). First attempt EVER!

Abhishek started with an accuracy of 0%, and he eventually got V46. This is what right guidance and superhuman passion to excel can do for you.

So, have faith and get cracking. Like Sarthak, Zoravar, and thousands of other extremely high scorers, you too can also scale such spectacular heights with our guidance. This is an absolute guarantee: if you are sincere with this course and do everything that this course expects you to do, then the real test, even at the level of 770, will feel like an absolute cakewalk.

My proven, copyrighted methods (OCTAVE, PRIME, ACT, ANT, ACED, and LINGO) will ensure that you crack even the most challenging questions on the GMAT (760-800 range) with effortless ease. Every single minute spent with this course [live classes, concepts, video sessions, practice, and personalized doubt clearing] will take you closer to your dream score of ≥760. In this course, all concepts, from the most basic (200 level) to the most advanced (800 level), are covered in extreme detail. But the questions covered in this course are all 'Above-700' level (with a special focus on solving the top-tier percentile questions, the 760-800 range). Caution: during the preparation stage, if you keep solving only EASY (500-600-650 level content), you will be lulled into a false sense of security. The real test is a rude shock to students who don't challenge themselves with the absolute top-level content (760-800 range). As the GMAT is an adaptive test, the questions become increasingly harder and reach the peak level of toughness / trickiness when you start to touch the 760 level. At this level, the examiner's sole purpose is to play "mindgames" with you. To this effect: Each PS question in this band is open to two interpretations: the correct one and the wrong one. The strange part is: if you interpret the question wrongly and calculate the wrong answer, that wrong answer is also present in the choices. This can truly hurt your chances. Each DS question in this band involves a TRAP. You end up marking the wrong answer with extreme confidence. Each RC question in this band tests tone (really subtle and open to misinterpretation). If you aren't being careful, you are going to be misled into choosing the wrong answer (the priming effect). Each SC question in this band challenges your intuition to the hilt. In many cases, the very first answer choice that you eliminate (with confidence) is, to your absolute shock, likely to be the correct answer. In addition, each question in this band tests meaning clarity, making you go back and forth again and again (because two answers look absolutely correct grammatically); in the process, you end up wasting a lot of precious time. You are never sure of your final answer and end up losing confidence going into the questions that follow. Each CR question in this band makes you choose the "attractive wrong option" (generally placed before the right answer) and leave out the "boring (or seemingly irrelevant) correct answer". In this course, preparing you for such TRAPS (so that you don't fall for them) constitutes more than 80% of my training. In this aspect, this course is absolutely unique. It solely and exclusively focuses on ≥760 scores. No other course on the entire planet focuses exclusively on the 99th percentile scores.

Watch what some of my students have to say:

Sathwick and Ruthwick

Which One Do You Struggle With?
Shloka Vasudeva Score: 770/800
Vandita Kamath Score: 770/800
Ayushee Thukral Score: 760/800
Prasann Khanna Score: 760/800
Monica Rekhan Score: 760/800
Viki Badani Score: 750/800

To check what hundreds of other 99th percentilers say about my training, Click here

One question I am commonly asked is: "Sandeep, I am a very average student. Do I stand any chance?"
I know what you are thinking: “99th percentilers are all special people. But if I am an average student, do I stand a chance?”

My answer is a big YES!
Meet these three students who have shown that one can achieve absolutely stellar success with the right guidance and superb effort.
From 330 to 700: Watch the feedback from a student whose previous score was 330. He was an extremely average student and had done his entire schooling in Hindi medium. He says: "If I can get a 700, even a 'sweeper' can get a 700 with Sandeep." - The best feedback I have ever received.
Upendra Pratap Score: 700
From 330 to 700 - Best feedback I have ever received
From 550 to 730 / From 18 to 40 in Verbal: Meet Charan who says that he was extremely distraught with a score of 550 when he approached me. He talks about how the methods he learnt were outstanding and the teaching he got was absolutely fantastic. I am sure if he could crack the score that he got, you stand an equally great chance of cracking it. This is another feedback I am extremely proud of.
Charan Score: 730
From 18 to 40 in Verbal
And the most inspirational story ever is that of this boy from Ranchi who, self-admittedly, was living at the bottom of the pyramid. If he can reach MIT-Sloan, YOU sure can. I bet you are better off than this boy in every regard. Watch Pawan at his dream school MIT-Sloan, in front of the world-famous MIT Building. This story can move anyone to believe that when you are powered by your biggest dreams, NOTHING is a limitation.
Pawan Gupta MIT Sloan
From Ranchi to MIT
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Thereafter, we will take up all your questions / doubts / queries, address them one by one, and guide you on the next steps.

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