FYI: Sandeep teaches only at the Bangalore Center and in the Video Courses. The classes at the Delhi Center are conducted by other faculty members.

When it comes to GMAT and MBA Admissions, which one would you consider an outstanding achievement?

Your answer indeed must be No. 5 (undoubtedly, all of the above are exceptional achievements).

But according to me, the most outstanding achievement for an Indian student is No. 2 (a score of 99th percentile in Verbal; it is so rare that I rise up in celebration each time I see such a score). To score in the 45-51 range in the Verbal Section, you can't make more than one mistake in Verbal.

Watch what Abhishek Jha has to say about Top-One-Percent GMAT Training
Abhishek Jha (GMAT 760)

Did you really think a score of 46 in Verbal was within your reach?

As per the GMAC "Scores below 9 and above 44 for the Verbal section and below 7 and above 50 for the Quantitative section are rare."

And lo and behold ... so many of my students have been breaking the Verbal 44 score barrier (​and, ​needless to say​,​ the Quant 50 barrier​, rather easily​).

The latest to join the ranks is: Abhishek Jha (V46, Overall 760). First attempt EVER!

Abhishek started with an accuracy of about 20% in SC, almost 0-10% in CR, and below average in RC. And he reached almost 100% accuracy on the main exam. This is what right guidance and superhuman passion to excel can do for you.


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Upcoming Batch:
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Upcoming Batch:
* Please come for a counseling session only by appointment so that we can give you enough time to be able to address all your concerns.
All our batches are weekend batches involving 6 hours over each weekend – 3 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday.

The timings remain the same on both the days (unless notified well in advance).

You may choose from one of the three time-slots: Morning / Afternoon / Evening. Do check the availability (slot) for various batches at our respective centres.

Personal Support: You will have all the personal support available for your doubt-clearing / counseling / encouragement / motivation / discussion etc. with my support faculty team.
All the material (online) will be provided by us. You are not supposed to study anything else at all.

Absolutely comprehensive material (the most exhaustive content on this planet) includes:
  • Basic Concepts
  • Advanced Concepts
  • Concept Books
  • Absolutely unique copyrighted techniques: OCTAVE (RC), PRIME (SC), ACT (CR), ACED (DS), LINGO (PS)
  • Handouts … learn how to solve 750-800 level questions in less than 60 seconds … each question in these handouts is handpicked after a lot of research / deliberation
  • Follow-up exercises to the classroom session handouts
  • Elementary practice (Official Guide, Official Verbal Review, Official Quantitative Review, Manhattan-GMAT Books, other Books etc.)
  • Advanced practice (10,000 plus questions) … only in 700-800 range
  • Latest real-GMAT questions
  • All the usual material related to the GMAT in the entire GMAT universe … AGAIN! You are not supposed to refer to anything else at all.
  • Detailed solutions to all the questions discussed anywhere in the material
The following are the 16 sessions (we will have Verbal and Quant sessions on alternate weekends):
1 Week 1 (Verbal):
Sat: Knowing the GMAT + RC Session 1
Sun: RC Session 2 + CR Session 1
2 Week 2 (Quant + Extra Practice):
Sat: Quant Session 1 [DS Traps + Inequalities]
Sun: Quant Session 2 [Absolute Values (Mods) + Statistics]
3 Week 3 (Verbal):
Sat: SC Session 2 + RC Session 3
Sun: SC Session 2 + CR Session 2
4 Week 4 (Quant + Extra Practice):
Sat: Quant Session 3 [Number Properties + General Algebra]
Sun: B-School Admission Counseling Session
5 Week 5 (Verbal):
Sat: CR Session 3 + SC Session 3
Sun: RC Session 4 + CR Session 4
6 Week 6 (Quant + Extra Practice + Doubt clearing):
Sat: Quant Session 4 [Geometry + Co-ordinate geometry]
Sun: Quant Session 5 [Combinatorics – P&C, Probability]
7 Week 7:
Sat: Quant Session 6 – [Arithmetic + Miscellaneous Word Problems]
Sun: SC Session 4 + Discussion of the further steps + Study plan
8 Week 8:
Sat: AWA Section - Analytical Writing Assessment (Analysis of an Argument - Essay)
Sun: IR (Integrated Reasoning)
  1. The classes in week 8 will be offered as video classes
  2. The validity of the course is 4 months from the date of joining

After your classes are over: You will need to follow an assisted-self-study-plan to reach the level of finesse and perfection required for a 99th percentile score. We will share this plan with the material once your classes are over.