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So, which top-one-percent b-school | university is your aspiration?
1. Harvard
2. Wharton
3. Stanford
4. Kellogg
5. Columbia
6. MIT Sloan
7. Booth
8. Duke
09. Yale
10. Cornell
11. NYU
12. LBS
14. NUS S'pore
15. ISB
16. IIM-A/B/C

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Our Admissions Consulting services are all-encompassing and include:

Absolutely No Outsourcing: thousands of students in the past have shared with us the horror / trauma of working with other consultants / institutes (watch video above). These people / institutes take you on as a client but outsource your application work to some absolutely random people (who have no freaking idea about what top schools / universities want; they are grammar experts at best). And, you are made to interact with such people. With us, you work with just one individual from start to finish. NO WORK IS OUTSOURCED AT ALL. Also, the turnaround time with us is extremely quick. Our clients can't stop raving about the promptness with which our resident Expert replies / reverts. We are ALWAYS there for you. We return every single call, we reply to every single message / mail within a few hours, no matter what. One thing we guarantee (above everything else) is exceptional standards of service quality.

Understanding YOU: we believe that each applicant is unique. Therefore, we first make you fill out our detailed questionnaire, which helps us understand you, your story, your profile, and your requirements better. Subsequently, during our first few brainstorming sessions, we continue to explore your true latent interests and aspirations. Moreover, as you will be working directly/one-on-one with our resident expert throughout the entire process, you are guaranteed to receive the best advice/mentoring at all stages.

University Shortlisting: Our resident expert’s deep, up-to-date, and relevant knowledge-base and insights ensure that we are able to recommend schools / universities that best fit your requirements (duration (1 year versus 2 years) | geography (US, UK, France, rest of Europe, India, Canada, Australia, A-PAC (China, Singapore, Hong Kong etc.) or any other region | ROI | future career aspirations | admission chances | scholarship chances | specializations sought | geography sought (post MBA) | cost | any other personal preferences such as full time versus part time versus executive MBA (or Masters | PhD) etc.

  • ISB / IIMs special package: in the past, we have had 700+ admissions to ISB alone (needless to say, many students to IIMs) out of which 300+ ended up joining ISB (the others who got through ISB also ended up getting offers from other schools and joined those schools). Considering the fact that such a large number of students apply to ISB and IIMs, we have a Special ISB / IIMs Package. Do reach out to us for more details.

Application Pitch / Positioning Strategy and USP / Goals Brainstorming: an extremely crucial part of the entire process. After this exercise, every piece that you write / speak will be made to adhere to this central theme. All your discrete, disparate life / work experiences will be seamlessly integrated to present a cohesive story with all the dots connected.

Essays Ideation & Editing: we transform your essays | applications by helping you bring out your key differentiators (USP | strengths | unique experiences | results). With no limit on the number of edits, our relentless focus on 'WHAT to write' and ‘HOW to write it’ enables you to deliver the maximum bang for your buck (the maximum amount of impact) to the reader (ad-coms). Finally, once we have perfected the content, we work on improving the language | structure | grammar (story, transition points, and seamlessness). Additionally, we provide comprehensive assistance on scholarship essays, write-ups on special / extenuating life circumstances and video essays.

For postgraduate (MS / MSBA/ Masters of Engineering / PhD) applicants, our primary focus is to help you craft the most compelling Statement of Purpose (SoP). Also, we help you craft very focused write-ups that enable you to secure substantial scholarships.

Résumé Editing: Your résumé is perhaps the most important (and often the most overlooked) criterion based on which you are evaluated. In fact, it is the first document that the ad-com looks at. We work tirelessly to transform your résumé.

Recommendation Letters: As you probably know, Recommendations are an integral part of the evaluation process. We provide all kinds of assistance related to this: how to make sure your LoRs don't repeat points from your résumé, your essays, and your other write-ups; what you can ask your recommender to highlight to create the maximum impact, how the flow should be and how they can present a write-up about you that is not a mere cliché, but one that makes you stand out from the other 'sheep'.

Small Details on your Online Application Forms: We review every single detail on your online application forms; we strongly believe that no small detail is trivial or unimportant!

Mock Interview Preparation: Our mock interviews prepare you for all kinds of questions that you are most likely to encounter; in addition, we guide you as to how to tackle curveball questions (random questions that you simply cannot predict). In this regard, our focus is on both Content ('WHAT you are saying') as well as Delivery ('HOW you are saying it').

Post-admission Assistance: Once you have secured your admission offer(s), we assist you in selecting the 'best' offer for you. Additionally, we provide you guidance on scholarship negotiations. And eventually we help you with your financial documentation and visa formalities.

Watch what our superstar admits have to say:

Sharan Hegde
Columbia Business School
Garvitha Gulhati
Wharton Business School
Anaga Sriram
Chicago Booth School of Business
Riya Pannu
Chicago Booth School of Business
Shivika Bhasin
Harvard Business School
Puja Gorai
Wharton Business School

Ananya Bubna

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