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GMAT-760 Video Series on WhatsApp

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Sandeep will call you at the stipulated time, understand your academic and work background, your target score, your target b-schools / universities, whether you are starting afresh or have had any exposure to the test, your strong and weak areas etc.

He will then introduce you to some of the latest questions that have been asked in the last 3 months on the real GMAT and teach you the best approaches to solve them (OCTAVE, PRIME, ACT, ACED and LINGO). He will give you a DEMO on all the 5 Major topics in GMAT (RC, SC, CR, PS and DS).

After this, he will try to understand how much time you can spend per day or per week and guide you for your next plan of action. He will suggest the right material for your specific needs. He will also customize the entire GMAT preparation for you.

Thereafter, he will take up all your questions / doubts / queries, address them one by one, and guide you on the next steps.

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This single call / demo appointment can change the entire direction of your efforts towards the 99th percentile (760-800 range) score on the GMAT.

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